SimplyShred SG-832C: One Of The Best Ultra Quiet Heavy-Duty Micro-Cut Paper Shredders In The Market!

Looking for a shredder that pulverises the paper and eliminates your worries about identity theft? Something that operates quietly and does the job amazingly, every time? Then, have a look at this review of SimplyShred SG-832C, which is one of the best options for the kind of shredder you have been looking for. This isn’t the cheapest paper shredder but it’s a good one.

Military-strength document destruction

SimplyShred SG-832CThe cutting technology of this shredder ensures that no one can reconstruct anything that has been fed through this machine. The micro-cut is extremely fine. The high security shredder works on security level 4, and cuts your mail, documents and credit cards into really tiny pieces of scrap which is completely unreadable.

Good functionality

It has two shredding slots on the top: a smaller slot for credit cards, and a 9 inch wide paper slot for effectively swallowing 6 to 10 paper sheets at a time. The special slot for shredding credit cards will slice of your cards quite nicely and quietly. The rollers prove to be more of a convenience than being a necessity. Also included is a small bottle of lubricating-oil, and plastic liner bags made for the waste basket. The capacity of its large pullout drawer-style waste-can is 9 gallons. The plastic bag liner that comes with it can be reused many times over, though, the back doesn’t need to be changed frequently.

Very reliable

It won’t break down easily, even if it faces a really tough job that it’s not designed for. To prolong its life, the heavy-duty micro-cut paper shredder machine has been programmed to shut down for 40 minutes after 10 to 15 minutes of continuous usage. The Smart jam technology stops the motor and also sends an alert on the display. There’s a reverse mode in order to help remove the jams. Apart from that, there’s a one year warranty on the parts and labor.

Extremely quiet

The operation is fairly quiet, more quiet than the sound that comes from a table fan. So, you can’t hear it working, unless you are in the same room – it’s that quiet.

Who Would Buy This?

If you need a shredder that can completely obliterate, while being easy-to-use and compact-sized – SimplyShred SG-832C is for you! This shredder is a great addition to any small business, home office or home that regularly needs to shred useless paper and other small things.

Value For Money?

Overall, it’s a great product, and it’s light-years ahead of any shredder you might have previously owned. No matter how they or small is a workload, this shredder can get things done. Taking into account all the finer details and functionality of this shredder, it’s a value for money, and highly recommended!

A Review of the EcoPad Refillable Senseo Coffee Filter Pod

The EcoPad refillable Senseo coffee pod is one of those great little inventions just about every Senseo coffee maker owner may eventually consider buying. I bought my EcoPad Refillable Senseo Coffee Filter online at Amazon’s website and here is what I found.

EcoPad Refillable Senseo Coffee Filter: Price

I bought my pack of EcoPad Refillable Senseo Coffee Filters online at Amazon’s website for $5.99 before tax and shipping. You get 2 pod coffee filters for this price. I found the price to be reasonable since you can reuse them over and over and over.

EcoPad Refillable Senseo Coffee Filter Reviews: Use

The refillable coffee filters work in your Senseo the same way the premade store bought version do. First though, you need to fill them with yoru favorite coffee.

I use a nice dark roast coffee in mind. Simply use a small spoon to pour the coffee grounds into the pod until full. This takes about 2 tablespoons for me. Press to shut and then pop in your Senseo.

These can be washed out by hand, but I often throw mine in the dishwasher to save some time. Try to get most of the grounds out before you put them in the dishwasher.

EcoPad Refillable Senseo Coffee Filter Reviews: Negatives

With all of this being said there are a few negatives to the EcoPad Refillable Senseo Coffee Filters. First of all, filling them is a bit tedious. If you have more time then money though, this can be over looked.

Beyond the filling of the pods, cleaning them is a little bit more annoying. You can run water in them to get the grounds out and this take a second or two. Again, this is a drawback or negative that can be overlooked if you simply want to have your favorite coffee in the morning.

My best tip to you is to buy more than one pack. Try to have enough so that you can make it through 3 days without being forced to wash out the filters. This will save so much time in the morning.

EcoPad Refillable Senseo Coffee Filter Reviews: Overall

Overall, I do recommend buying the EcoPad Refillable Senseo Coffee Filter, although I would only recommend to use them with cheap coffee makers. They do work, but do involve a bit of work. Depending on how much you miss your favorite coffee, these negatives may not be so negative at all!

They do stand up to washing, being reused, and are a pretty quality product. They are easy to find online and very affordable.

Lean Cuisine Panini Vs. Healthy Choice Panini

Lean Cuisine struck frozen-entree gold last year with the introduction of their line of panini sandwiches. The products generated a large buzz in weight loss forums and stores found it hard to keep them in stock. Not to be outdone, rival brand Healthy Choice unveiled its own line of panini sandwiches this year, which begs the question– which panini wins the sandwich fight? I decided to do a comparison of both the taste and nutritional value of the competing brands. In one corner, we have the champ, Lean Cuisine Southwest Style Chicken Panini. In the other corner, the challenger, Healthy Choice Smoked Chicken Panini. Nutritionally, there are some differences in the products. Lean Cuisine’s Panini weighs in with 280 calories versus Healthy Choice’s 310 calories. Healthy Choice wins the fat grams battle with 4.5 grams to Lean Cuisine’s 7 grams. So both are low calorie and low in fat, but both are high in sodium. The Healthy Choice Panini has 580 mg of sodium- 24 per cent of the daily recommended amount, and the Lean Cuisine Panini has a whopping 730 mg- a full 30 per cent of your daily sodium intake. Lean Cuisine has an impressive 20 grams of protein, but Healthy Choice tops it with 25 grams of protein. With less fat and sodium and more protein, Healthy Choice is the better choice nutritionally.

When the paninis are taken out of the boxes, there are two readily discernible differences. The Lean Cuisine Panini is mounded high with chicken, cheese and vegetables, while the meat and cheese portions on the Health Choice Panini looked skimpy by comparison. The second difference is the grilling tray. Each panini comes with a silver reflective tray to brown and crisp the bread. Lean Cuisine’s tray has strips cut out so that the bread will have “grill” marks when the sandwich is cooked in the microwave. Healthy Choice has a solid tray, so presumably there won’t be any grill marks.

The sandwiches are cooked open face in the microwave for around three minutes. Both smelled wonderful as they were cooked. I assembled the Lean Cuisine Panini and noticed that the grill marks were very light, but the bread was crispy and not at all soggy. A longer cooking time might produce more noticible grill marks, but it could also make the edges of the bread tough. I assembled the Healthy Choice Panini and was surprised to see dramatic grill marks. These are apparently pre-grilled before being frozen, or the marks are painted on with food coloring. The bread, like the Lean Cuisine, was crispy and brown. The similarities ended at the toasted bread, however.

The Lean Cuisine Panini was slightly spicy with lots of cheese. The panini was a little messy, with cheese dripping onto the plate. Make sure you have napkins! The chicken was tender and plump. Overall, the panini was excellent. The Health Choice Panini didn’t fare as well. There was very little cheese and the chicken had an artificial starchy taste. The sandwich was very bland except for the barbecue sauce, which was not smoky or spicy, only very sweet. The panini was also very thin and overall unsatisfying.

The Lean Cuisine Southwest Style Chicken Panini was the clear taste winner over Healthy Choice Smoked Chicken Panini. Both retail for around $2.85, although you can find a maker here: panini press walmart.

Lenovo Ideapad 700 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop Review

These days, a lot of advanced gadgets have been introduced into the market. People look to these gadgets when they need to fight boredom. A laptop is not a new product, but its popularity has increased significantly over the past few years. People contemplate making use of it to attain entertainment in addition to using it to get work done. When we talk about a gaming laptop, there are a lot of features that you need to take into consideration. You need to ensure that the laptop is responsive and has a quality screen. It also needs to have a long battery life. If you are looking for a new gaming laptop, this Lenovo Ideapad 700 15.6″ FHD gaming laptop is an option that you can take a look at.


All of us endeavor to ensure that the laptop we purchase is such that we would be able to flaunt it with style and would also be able to carry it with ease. This laptop manages to fulfill those criteria. It is provided with a lightweight, sleek, slim and stylish design. Hence, you can carry it with a lot of ease and would not need to be hesitant in flaunting it in public.


Performance is not something that you would have to be worried about when it comes to this laptop. It is powered by an Intel standard voltage CPU, so it is capable of providing you with the kind of CPU performance that will leave you impressed. Furthermore, the PCIe SSD ensures that you get better read and write speeds. The NVIDIA graphics are also a nice touch. All in all, you will find that the laptop can be used to handle other tasks in addition to being used for the purpose of gaming, and it will fulfill both requirements efficiently.


  • Sleek and slim design
  • Responsive
  • The screen and graphic combination is impressive and ensures that you get the full entertainment out of games and movies
  • The sound quality is satisfactory
  • Affordable
  • Profound in quality
  • Long battery life


  • The trackpad can be a drawback. You will need to click it with pressure. Simply tapping it would not get the work done
  • You will not find much details or instructions with the product
  • It is not a touch screen, so if you are looking for an advanced option, this would not work


It all comes down to expectations of this powerful gaming laptop. If you are looking for a laptop that would provide you with satisfactory performance and would ensure that you have a good time gaming, this one will manage to impress. At the price that it is available at, the features that it offers are certainly impressive. Everything from the quality to the performance and design of the laptop is good, and you would not get a reason to complain as long as you are realistic about your expectations. This laptop is certainly worth a look.