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Guide For Getting A Travel Pillow

Benefits of Buying a Travel Pillow

– Comfort. One of the best things about using a travel pillow opposed to using a typical bed pillow is that travel pillows are often made using a high quality memory foam. The thing about memory foam is that it easily conforms to the unique shape of your head and neck, providing you with optimized comfort, no matter which way that you like to sleep.

– Support. These travel pillows are also highly supportive. They are designed in such a way to keep your neck and spine aligned at an optimum angle to ensure that you are not causing a strain in your neck that you will feel when you wake up. By providing proper neck support, you can eliminate the issue of being rudely awakened by the sudden jolting of your head as it falls forward once you doze off. Some even come with support for the chin to prevent this from happening as well.

– Better sleep on the go. Nothing makes a trip more miserable than being exhausted from travel. If you are unable to sleep, you often have to spend a day of your trip simply recovering from the sleeplessness and discomfort that comes with jet lag.

travel pillow

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Travel Pillow

– Compactness. You want to look for a travel pillow that either can fold up into itself and be stowed away in your carry-on bag for simple access on a plane, or one that can be attached to your luggage instead to help provide a hands-free experience as you navigate the airport, bus station or train station.

– Price. Look for something that is made with supportive, comfortable and high quality materials that gives you the most value for your money.

Wash ability. When you return from your trip, unpacking is already a hassle; don’t make it worse by having to spot clean the pillow that you have been sleeping on for days at a time. Look for a travel pillow with the ability to machine wash it–preferably the entire pillow as a whole, but one with a removable cover is just as useful. You can find some washing tips on travel pillows over on Delicious.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Travel Pillow for Your Needs

– Consider the way you enjoy sleeping and grab a pillow optimized for that position.

– Think about a travel pillow that can fit into small, compact spaces like an airline seat to optimize your comfort.

– Read online reviews on travel pillows such as the ones below in order to get an idea of what these pillows are like in action.

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The Best Rice Cooker and Fuzzy Logic

When looking for the best rice cooker, we noticed many of them had the feature of “fuzzy logic.” It took awhile for us to find out what this was, but we have and now we will share with you what this means and plus give suggestions to the best small rice cooker ever.

                          Fuzzy- Logic

            What kind of word is this and why do I need this for my rice cooker? Well to answer this question, a rice cooker that has fuzzy-logic features means that the cooker has computer chips inside the cooker. This makes changes in your cooker for cooking time and temperature. If you have a general rice cooker, you will not have the fuzzy-logic. The general and basic rice cookers have an on and off switch solely, while fuzzy-logic is featured in the expensive cookers.

                                    Midea Rice Cooker and Warmer

            This is one of the best rice cookers on the market today. It is extremely energy efficient and it features fuzzy-logic. This rice cooker keeps your food warm and you can also use it to reheat your food. There are 12 programs on the cooker these allow you to cook minute rice, white and brown rice, and more. There are many other types of rice that you can cook in this as well. You can cook oatmeal, soup, baby cereal, and steam vegetables. This rice cooker holds up to 8 cups of dry rice. It has an LED digital control panel and clock. It has an on/off switch to turn off and you never have to unplug it. Some think this is a pressure cooker, but it is not at all.

            It is, however, one of the best sellers on You can use the Midea as a slow cooker also. There is a 24-hour delay timer. The pot is coated with resin and not Teflon. The inner basket is very large and there is a smaller top steamer to cook rice and veggies at the same time. All of these are easily removed and easy to clean. 

            This cooker weighs about 9 pounds. The cost of the rice cooker is $ 179.70. Some of the pros are: tasty rice, worth the price, love the cooker, my favorite cooking tool, fantastic, truly an awesome cooker, and great quality food. Some of the cons are: one reviewer said that this cooker was just junk,  scanty with directions, awful, you do more guessing than cooking with this one, I returned it because it was too small, collecting dust, not worth it, terrible rice cooker, burns quickly, hardens rice too easily, and I believe these are fake reviews. Overall, we have mixed opinions on this cooker too.  Some of us agree that it is great, but the others aren’t on board. We say to give it a try, keep your receipt or packaging, and once you cook rice, try it. If you aren’t happy with the product, then bring it back to the store or send it back.

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The Artisan Stand Mixer from KitchenAid Home Appliances

The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer was one of Oprah’s Favorite Things for 2007. If you cook or bake, you’ll love the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer just like Oprah in this video.

This mixer will do everything you need, and more. The designers at KitchenAid thought of everything you’ll need in a mixer when designing the Artisan Stand Mixer.

Weighing less than 30 pounds and made in America (Greenville, Ohio), every cook would love to own a KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer.

Usually when you’re using a stand mixer, it’s difficult to get inside of the bowl, or to add ingredients. Not so with this mixer. The head tilts up, providing easy access to the mixing bowl and it’s beaters.

You don’t need to be concerned that the contents of your mixing bowl will splatter your clothes and walls either, because it comes with a cover that covers your bowl but lets you add ingredients without turning off your mixer!

The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer has 10 speeds. Whether you need a very slow stir, or very high speed, it has it all. You can use the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer for everything, from something as delicate as whipping egg whites to making cookie batter or bread dough.

It comes with three different heads. There is a dough hook for your bread baking needs, a flat beater, and a wire whip.

The bowl and mixing heads are designed to work as one, providing the best mixing you could ask for in a stand mixer.

Not only is it made of metal and sturdy as a rock, it’s a beautiful appliance to add to your kitchen. The KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixing Bowl is sold in a total of 19 different color combinations, so everyone can pick out the perfect

It holds enough flour to make 4 loaves of white bread, 9 dozen cookies, or 7 pounds of mashed potatoes. That’s a mixing bowl worth owning!

I love Oprah, I love her Favorite Things, and I love the KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer.

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Craftsmanship of the Daggers of Austria

Austria is a sophisticated and highly-developed country positioned in a place of common conflict throughout the centuries; therefore, it’s almost inevitable that Austria becomes known for the quality of its weapons, such as daggers. Caught in the middle of various military endeavors for much of its history, Austria has had ample reason to become one of the driving forces behind innovation in the construction of daggers. It may be easy for the modern person to overlook the importance of this small, lightweight weapon. However, while never a primary weapon, daggers have always been a default ‘go to’ weapon for their ease of use and effectiveness in close quarters.

While Austria’s history in warfare and out of it go well beyond the 18th century, it is that century that pioneered the most popular design for daggers of Austria which quickly became the de facto standard. The most notable of the daggers of Austria to emerge in that time were those that served as part of the uniforms for officers of the Danube Steamship Company. These daggers had practical advantages such as hand-protecting cross guards alongside artistic adornments, giving significant style to a very useful duelist’s tool. This particular design for daggers within Austria proved to be extremely popular, and has served as the foundation for Austrian daggers ever since.

Two decades later, a new design for daggers became popularized as part of the official dress for the soldiers of Austria. This Austrian Navy Dress Dagger continued to be part of the official uniform for thirty years before finally being replaced. But even then, Austria’s popular design work in daggers continued to influence the designs of the weapon in other countries, such as Hungary and Poland. These days, the Austrian Navy Dress Dagger is quite a rarity, and you’re likely to only find them in museums. However, you can find other daggers directly based on this popular weapon as recent as 1920s!

Since then, the country has continued to develop the technology of producing daggers to reach new heights, for purposes both peaceful and militaristic. If you’re judging the quality of a group of daggers, you’d do well to use one from Austria as the benchmark for the rest. The country’s engineering prowess encompasses far more diverse products than you’d think! Being a country with a history of warfare has its advantages in driving technological prowess, and Austria, like many countries of Europe, has learned to take that advantage and turn it into a valuable and profitable trait in today’s market.

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How to Remove Stains from Carpet

Carpet stains are inevitable, but knowing how to remove stains from carpet can turn stains into a thing of the past.

The number one rule for stain removal is to clean the stain as soon as possible. For solids, remove as much of the spill as possible. For liquids, blot up as much of the spill as possible, working from the outside in. To do this, gently press a white towel or clean paper towel into the area. Do not scrub; scrubbing not only damages the carpet fibers, but it can also push the stain deeper into the carpet. Continue blotting until the stain no longer transfers to your cleaning cloth.

Once you are done blotting the spill, you can now tackle the stain using a variety of cleaning solution. The type of spill will determine which type of solution you should use.


Before using a new solution on your carpet, check for colorfastness. To check for colorfastness, clean an inconspicuous part of your carpet. Then, dampen a cloth with the cleaning solution and leave the damp cloth on your carpet for an hour. Blot the damp area with a clean white cloth or towel. If you notice carpet dyes on the cloth, you will need to use a different cleaning solution.

Detergent Solution

One of the most common stain removers is a detergent solution. To make the solution, mix 1/4 teaspoon of dishwashing solution with one cup of warm water.

The detergent solution can be used to clean a number of water-soluble stains, including alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, coffee, tea, dirt or mud, berries, milk, jelly, etc.

When using the detergent solution, leave the solution on the stain for 10 minutes. Then, blot with a clean, dry white towel or cloth. Repeat this process until the stain no longer transfers to the cloth. You may need to do this several times.

Once the spill is cleaned, rinse the area with cold water and blot dry with a clean towel.

Ammonia Solution

An ammonia solution can also be used on water-soluble stains, such as blood, vomit, wine, chocolate, mustard, coffee, or tea. To make this solution, mix one tablespoon of ammonia with one cup of water. Follow the same method outlined for the detergent solution. Ammonia should not be used on wool carpets.

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes can be used on coffee or tea stains. The wipes will remove the liquid and the stain.

Oxygen Cleaners

These cleaners can be purchased at most hardware stores, drugstores, or grocery stores. Oxygen cleaners can be used to remove organic stains, such as coffee, tea, mustard, ketchup, or wine.

Protein Digesters

Protein digesters work on protein based stains, including vomit, feces, and blood. These are also known as enzyme cleaners. You will often find these cleaners at pet stores, as they are an effective cleaner for cleaning up pet messes.

Club Soda

Club soda can be used as the primary cleaning solution or to rinse stains after you have cleaned them with another solution. It is effective on urine and bloodstains. Club soda can also be used to clean wine stains.

Baking Soda and Cornstarch

Baking soda and cornstarch are cleaners for grease or oil stains. To remove the stain, sprinkle baking soda or cornstarch over the area and allow it to sit for at least six hours. Vacuum the baking soda. Then, apply a dry-solvent spot cleaner. Dry-solvent spot cleaner can be found at most hardware stores or in the laundry section at your grocery store. Follow the instructions on the label.

Baking soda can also be used to clean vomit. After removing the solids, coat the area with baking soda. Once the baking soda has dried, vacuum it up. Repeat as necessary. Finish cleaning the stain by pouring club soda on the area and blotting it with a clean towel or cloth. If a stain persists, you can apply an oxygen cleaner.


Once you feel your stain has been successfully removed, wait for the area to dry completely. You can blot with a towel or leave a towel weighted down with a heavy object, such as a glass, on the area overnight.

Once the area is completely dry, vacuum the carpet. If you can still see a stain, repeat the cleaning and drying process.

Now you know how to remove stains from carpet.