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The Best Rice Cooker and Fuzzy Logic

When looking for the best rice cooker, we noticed many of them had the feature of “fuzzy logic.” It took awhile for us to find out what this was, but we have and now we will share with you what this means and plus give suggestions to the best small rice cooker ever.

                          Fuzzy- Logic

            What kind of word is this and why do I need this for my rice cooker? Well to answer this question, a rice cooker that has fuzzy-logic features means that the cooker has computer chips inside the cooker. This makes changes in your cooker for cooking time and temperature. If you have a general rice cooker, you will not have the fuzzy-logic. The general and basic rice cookers have an on and off switch solely, while fuzzy-logic is featured in the expensive cookers.

                                    Midea Rice Cooker and Warmer

            This is one of the best rice cookers on the market today. It is extremely energy efficient and it features fuzzy-logic. This rice cooker keeps your food warm and you can also use it to reheat your food. There are 12 programs on the cooker these allow you to cook minute rice, white and brown rice, and more. There are many other types of rice that you can cook in this as well. You can cook oatmeal, soup, baby cereal, and steam vegetables. This rice cooker holds up to 8 cups of dry rice. It has an LED digital control panel and clock. It has an on/off switch to turn off and you never have to unplug it. Some think this is a pressure cooker, but it is not at all.

            It is, however, one of the best sellers on You can use the Midea as a slow cooker also. There is a 24-hour delay timer. The pot is coated with resin and not Teflon. The inner basket is very large and there is a smaller top steamer to cook rice and veggies at the same time. All of these are easily removed and easy to clean. 

            This cooker weighs about 9 pounds. The cost of the rice cooker is $ 179.70. Some of the pros are: tasty rice, worth the price, love the cooker, my favorite cooking tool, fantastic, truly an awesome cooker, and great quality food. Some of the cons are: one reviewer said that this cooker was just junk,  scanty with directions, awful, you do more guessing than cooking with this one, I returned it because it was too small, collecting dust, not worth it, terrible rice cooker, burns quickly, hardens rice too easily, and I believe these are fake reviews. Overall, we have mixed opinions on this cooker too.  Some of us agree that it is great, but the others aren’t on board. We say to give it a try, keep your receipt or packaging, and once you cook rice, try it. If you aren’t happy with the product, then bring it back to the store or send it back.

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